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Here’s the ‘World Government’ Reality that We Are All Living in

This reality has been existing for decades but only a few percentage of the world population is even aware of it.

THE INTERNET MILITIA – This reality has been existing for decades but only a few percentage of the world population is even aware of it.

World Government

You see people posting about a “world government” everyday, on the internet. Many claim that a world government (or a “new world order“) will soon be “ushered in“. but of course, that is not true.

De Facto

Instead of telling people the truth, most of those who post such messages spread misleading narratives without being aware of it. Somehow, they still hold on to the idea that a world government is yet to be established, all the while we have been living under a de facto world government for decades.

The idea that a society where a world government rules also includes that you get to ‘vote’ for world government candidates, is completely unrealistic. The proof for that is all around us.

First, Middle Eastern populations, for instance, will never kneel down before Western dictatorships and imperialists. So, a world government would have to include regional “leaders” that represent them. That’s how the United Nations works, with the one exception being that no one of the public, anywhere, gets to vote for or against anything and anyone that is being put on the agenda or who’s being suggested for positions in the UN.

Not convinced yet about a de facto world government? Fair enough…

When was the last time you got to vote for a UN candidate of your town to represent also the people living in your neighborhood? When was the last time you got to participate in a binding UN referendum against war?

Clearly, we as ‘civilians’ have no power whatsoever over the UN and the UN system (World Bank, WHO etc). Yet, it are the ‘official’ mouthpiece and overt framework of the de facto world government that almost all national governments recognize and treat as a superior power. It are the effigies that we are all supposed to be glorifying, to keep the covert agenda away from public scrutiny.

Another reason why you can’t ‘vote’ for (or against) the de facto world government is because multinational corporations, private financiers and wealth-hoarding sectarian maniacs are in charge of the UN’s financing and supply chains and therefore also the narratives that the UN presents for public consumption.


Every ‘new world order’ comes with its own religion, it’s not different with the ‘new world order’ that we have been living under for so long. Much too long!

Money. Credit-based money is the religion. Populations seem to be under some kind of spell when you observe how people go completely insane to collect as much money as they possibly can, at any cost.

Where in the West, Christian values were once the pillars of society, we now have credit-based money ‘values’ that have replaced them.

Everything is about money.

Everyone is saying this all of the time but only a few people actually take the time to realize how real that truly is.

For the West, in times long gone, everything was about ‘the church’ and ‘god’. People looked at local church priests to find answers, comfort and a sense of belonging.

Almost all of that has been replaced, a long time ago, with ordering answers, buying comfort and purchasing a sense of belonging. Naturally, there’s no meaningful connection between money and a spiritually balanced human existence. Yet, most people’s lives revolve entirely around acquiring money. No wonder that they have lost all sense of reality and claim that a world government is yet to be “ushered in“.


Every government automatically also has a system that it works with to stay in power. It’s not any different under this de facto world government.

Its system was already called an augmented reality (AR), long before the term “augmented reality” was popularized by tech and communication companies.

The template of the AR is society today. Everything “official”, government-sanctioned, and corporate messages that are broadcasted on TV and printed in newspapers is the fabric of this AR. It’s how it exists in the minds of people.

Today, most of people’s lives is based on information events, not on events they actually witnessed or experienced. That’s how important the narratives are for the de facto wold government. The narratives control the people’s minds. Whether they are true and factual or completely fabricated.

Most people don’t travel to Gaza but they’ll say that the Palestinians are terrorists. Not because they know so but because they heard so, from the enemies of Palestine who masquerade as ‘think tanks’, ‘human rights observers’ or, the best one of all, pioneers in local “democracy”.

As is apparent, the same de facto world government (‘DFWG’? Well, there you go. There’s a perfect name for the corporate world government front company of today. DFWG, inc.) is in control of the minds of large portions of the “alternative” narratives audiences. This shows that the de facto world government is deeply rooted in the current sociopolitical system. A system that we are finally starting to uproot.



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