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This is What Happens When it’s Not a Psychological Operation

We are The Internet Militia because that’s what the resistance needs at this point.

THE INTERNET MILITIA – On March 11 and 12, 2020 we created this free WordPress blog, our Facebook page, our Twitter account, a Youtube channel and a Pinterest board to start spreading the word about The Internet Militia.

The reason why we write this today is because we want to document that The Internet Militia is not a psychological operation, not a controlled opposition hangout, not an agency project or anything similar.

The Internet Militia is a grassroots initiative (I know, you’ve heard this line a million times before). Created by me, Brian Shakuro.

You’ll see that it will take months if not years for our social media pages and Youtube channel to build up even 500 followers and subscribers. Unlike psyops and limited hangouts, we will not be rocketed into instant fame (something that DOES ALWAYS HAPPEN with dubious operations and hangouts).


Although many will think otherwise, we are not an armed group of people. Nor do we, The Internet Militia, intend to become one.

The reason why we have chosen this name for our group is because we want everyone to know that we are not just some gullible activists who can be used for any sort of hidden agenda. We are very, very serious about our mission objectives and the principles for which we stand.

Also, with “Words Stop Wars” as our motto and main hashtag (#WordsStopWars), we clearly indicate that we do not seek armed conflicts with anyone. We use words instead, to accomplish our mission objectives and to realize our dreams.

We are The Internet Militia because that’s what the resistance needs at this point.


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