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The Monostream Media is a Dangerous Joke

It's Monday, February 24, 2020. Just another day for monostream media outlets to pretend to be either "mainstream" or "alternative" (or both, since that's been the trend since at least 2015).
The Monostream Media is a Dangerous Joke

Arthur F. Wayne, ITNT NEWS – It’s Monday, February 24, 2020. Just another day for monostream media outlets to pretend to be either “mainstream” or “alternative” (or both, since that’s been the trend since at least 2015).

I haven’t been writing too much lately, not because I don’t want to but because it gets hard to figure out what to write about first – even for me. Even I am feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of (dis)information that gets put online and on TV screens around the world, these days.

In the past decade, I’ve turned from an alternative media newbie, in 2009 (I actually believed, at one point, that Alex Jones was the “tip of the spear” and that “Zeitgeist” was a 21st century oracle), into a monostream-dissecting menace (for the many who hate me) who recognizes the pattern that has been unfolding right in front of our eyes for at least a half decade. A pattern that describes how the audiences of “authoritative” news agencies and the audiences of their “fringe” counterparts are being merged for a much bigger plan that, itself, has been sitting on the drawing board for several decades.

So, I can certainly imagine how an uninitiated person, anywhere on this planet, must feel in this toxic and open information warfare laboratory that has turned society into an augmented reality.

The best way, perhaps, to explain how this ‘laboratory’ works is by zooming in on what has been published recently in the monostream media their magazines and on their websites.

Wired & Wikipedia

Take for instance Wired their February 17 article: “Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet”.

You would think that an “authoritative” magazine like Wired would tell you the truth about whatever it is that they report about. The reality is very different, though.

After reading the Wikipedia advertisement, as an uninformed reader, you are likely to believe that Wikipedia can be trusted, that it is an “authoritative” source for information – with Wired trying to convince you that the more revisions a Wikipedia article has, the more neutral it becomes. That, of course, is completely false. The more revisions a page gets, the more refined the deceptions become – and through Wikipedia too they then become part of our ordinary lives.

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about how Wikipedia editors deliberately deceive the Wikipedia audience. Then, concerning the “new” leader of ISIS 2.0.

Concerning the 2011 Fukushima attacks, Wikipedia will have you believe that the tsunami-triggering “sea” quake occurred at 14:46 local time – March 11, off the coast of Fukushima and Miyagi. All the while this has been a documented lie. I’ve been explaining this, and much more, since 2012.

“Abu Sayyaf”, ISIS 1.0 its alleged “oil man“, according to Wikipedia, was killed in May 2015. Today Wikipedia tells you that this man’s real name is Fathi Ben Awn Ben Jildi Murad al-Tunisi.

Search for that name, here’s what you get:

Search for an image that matches the name and you get this:

Here’s who the ISIS “oil man” was in 2015, as documented by myself.

Left Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli (Pix11), right Mohammad al-Shalabi (Business Insider).

“Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli” (the ISIS 1.0 oil man) would mysteriously  DIE AGAIN (10 months later) on March 25, 2016, according to Wikipedia. Just like Abdullah Qardash (ISIS 2.0) who has been dead and alive since 2017 and 2019.

The whole Abu Sayyaf “May raid” in Syria in 2015 was merely a staged narrative, the raid itself never happened. They couldn’t, and they still can’t, figure out what their persona looks like, let alone tell you how exactly the “raid” unfolded.

Luckily, there are others out there who see through the deceptions over at Wikipedia, there is still hope that I’m not simply talking to myself by writing about this.


Redfish, a more appropriate name would be Red Herring, is still operating as a herding dog (or herding fish, hence Redd Herring) to “guide” the millions of conspiracy theorists and “conservatives” out there towards the controlled opinion spectrum.

Redfish is, at least partially, a Russian-government funded operation. According to Redfish “redfish’s funding comes from Ruptly, a news agency owned by RT.” RT is an “information weapon” developed by the Russian government.

Redfish is also subsidiary of Vibes, which is run by Charley Cassell. “Prior to Vibes, Charley held several senior positions at leading Internet companies including Yahoo!, eGroups and Learning Insights.Most recently, Charley worked as the Director of Operations at Google following their acquisition of Feedburner where he was CFO.”

It is being claimed that Redfish was started by RT reporters who wanted to focus on “grassroots journalism”. We know that that image is, of course, completely false. No government in the world will fund actual grassroots initiatives that seek to uproot the power structure, unless these initiatives can serve an agenda. As is the case with also Red Fish.

Summit News

Paul Joseph Watson’s Summit News is still leading the Trump circle jerk, together with Alex Jones his Infowars, Newswars and Prison Planet – regardless of the lies that Trump has been spouting since before he took office in the White House. There’s nothing more to say about this monostream outpost ever since his buddy was exposed for what he merely is.

James Fetzer

The most disturbing of all is that Fetzer is increasingly intimate with Robert David Steele. Steele is the guy that wants conspiracy theorists to believe that the ‘deep state’ has a slave colony on Mars where kidnapped children are being sent to entertain and provide labor for ‘the globalists’.

Information Liberation

Here they wrote about how scandalous it is of Youtube to ban Trunews. As if Trunews is actually  “true news”. It was only last month that also Trunews was caught lying to its audience and we are still waiting for their update wherein they apologize to their audience for deceiving them. Don’t hold your breath…


This one has always been a watered down version of Infowars, simply because they don’t have the money that Jones has to do a “better” job at disinforming their readers.

Nonetheless, the ridiculousness is fascinating, in a way, when you see how Intellihub believes that this coronavirus LARP (shitpost) is worth sharing with their audience.

You might think that they just play the messenger here, so it would be immoral of us to judge them for it. However, this is not the case at all. Intellihub actively promotes the LARP, as if it is a real situation account.

The Mind Unleashed

From an “alternative” media outlet that claims to be fighting the deceptions you’d expect a greater understanding of the control grid syndicate’s MO.

Supporting the notion that Assange and Snowden are heroes, as The Mind Unleashed does, who deserve a Nobel Peace Prize (a prize that is worth absolutely nothing) shows that also The Mind Unleashed is indeed merely a monostream media outlet. Certainly they are not a Resistance outpost.

Earlier I have already shown that Wikileaks is a mainstream/monostream asset but we can expand on that.

First, watch Richard Hall’s talks about Wikileaks: Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

Then, consider the original statement on Wikileaks its website in 2007, in which the creators of Wikileaks reveal what Wikileaks its purpose was/is.

About guys like Snowden and Assange, my friend Maurice Herman a.k.a. 108Morris108, who sadly past away in October last year, probably said it best.

Now, remember, the Nobel Peace Prize (NPP) is not something you would want to be associated with. In 2012 the European Union (EU) got the Nobel Peace Prize, all the while the year before it was the EU and NATO that planned the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, in Libya. Plunging the nation into a still ongoing civil war. The same EU that is notoriously corrupt.

Barack Obama also was awarded the Peace Prize, even though it was his Administration that helped to create the virtual ISIS 1.0 entity and it was Obama himself who got to use the U.S. President’s secret “Kill List” for the first time. An endless stream of drone attacks on “enemies of the US”, around the world, followed.

In 2007, the Prize was awarded to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), when it is also the IPCC itself that is tampering with ‘climate’ data and that misrepresents the ‘climate’ situation for dubious reasons.

In 2001 the United Nations got the Prize. It was the UN, however, that was directly involved in child sex slavery and coverups thereof in Bosnia. It was the UN that slaughtered Katangese in the 1960s and it is the UN as well that has had a Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, as its ‘supreme leader’.

Would you want to have anything in common with institutions and people like that, as a “Peace” Prize winner?

Not me, that much I can tell you. As far as I’m concerned, the Peace Prize is a mark of the control grid syndicate. Emphasizing that they OWN you.

Activist Post

The fact that they advertise Infowars, by itself, indicates that Activist Post is a monostream media outlet, not a Resistance outpost.

There’s no doubt in any informed rebel’s mind that Alex Jones’ Infowars is a control grid syndicate asset. This has been documented over and over again.

Unless you are not a Resistance outpost, there’s no way that you would promote Jones’ truth racket.

Natural News

If you still wonder what entity it is that controls Natural News, look no further than this headline.

It’s like I said before, the revisionist zionists always want to control both sides in a war. In this case an information war about the coronavirus. It’s a war that very, very few seem to understand. A very dangerous reality.

SGT Report

Aside from being an Infowars and Qanon echo chamber, SGT Report is known to resort to baseless fearmongering. It’s no different with the coronavirus.

It is easy to disprove that the coronavirus has caused a ‘historic’ pandemic and that it is a ‘very deadly’ virus.

They – the UN, Johns Hopkins University etc – had to artificially inflate the number of 2019-nCoV cases to make it seem much worse than it actually is. There would be no need for this if the pandemic was as bad as SGT Report claims it is.

In addition, all the fear porn predictions have not shown to be correct at all, even with a very generous margin for error. It is because of monostream outlets like SGT Report that people in the “truth movement” have a wrong impression of the 2019-nCoV outbreak.

And yes, I will continue to refer to the virus as “2019-nCoV”. Read here why.

Zero Hedge

An Infowars partner in deceptions, Zero Hedge has been on an endless and pointless rant in their blog posts about the coronavirus. Ensuring that their readers are chasing their own tails instead of finding the deeper truths to all of this. Like Infowars, Zero Hedge has been waging an information war against China, following a pattern that is eerily similar to the Trump Administration’s information war against the Chinese people.

Zero Hedge claims that it is suspicious that the Chinese government is not allowing the U.S. CDC full access to the 2019-nCoV data. Well, surely the Chinese don’t want the U.S. to start messing with the data even more than the Chinese Communist Party has already done. It makes perfect sense to not want a U.S. government agency to dictate the course of events. Ask the folks in Fukushima, where another U.S. government agency, the USGS, caused a truly historic disaster by manipulating the seismic activity data in real-time (which is why no one was prepared for the tsunami).

Zero Hedge also claims that the 2019-nCoV mortality rate increased in China when 15,000 cases were added overnight. Clearly, that is not the case. In fact, the mortality rate was slightly higher on February 12 (2.4%) than it was on February 13 (2.2%) with the “new” cases included.

Blacklisted News

This one is a very relevant example that pretty much proves that my recent analysis of Wikileaks is correct. Blacklisted News says that they get you the underground breaking news. Information that is “blacklisted”, things you’re not supposed to know…

Mike Bloomberg is a Russian Asset“. An article by Moon of Alabama (MoA). Normally MoA appears to be a lot smarter than this, they’ve dropped the ball here.

Remember, I’ve claimed that Wikileaks was also created to help manufacture ‘enemies’… for the U.S. specifically (and the Likud Party eventually).

One of those enemies is ‘the communists’, “the Russians“. Since 2016 it has been a daily news item around the world. It started during the U.S. presidential elections.

Clinton files were “leaked” by Wikileaks, then, and “the Russians” were to blame for it, allegedly.

At MoA they create their theory around establishment press reports that are exact propaganda templates in line with what you would expect from an anti-Russia oriented information war. That MoA didn’t see through it is worrying.

To find this kind of drivel on established alternative media websites tells us that most people simply haven’t got a clue what is going on around them.

Novel Patterns

The 21st century information wars are wars that the world has never witnessed before. Everything is multilayered today. No one seems sure about what is true and what is not. As a result more and more people are buying into the easiest answers, like MoA did.

Or worse, give up on staying informed, which I also pointed out already:

We have to understand what it will lead to, this fake news war. It will lead – in the long term – to most people simply giving up on wanting to be properly informed because already more than half of surveyed “internet and technology experts” are of the opinion that false information will crowd out reliable sources anyway. People (mainstream and “alternative”) will become so confused about what is real and what is not that they will just stop being critics of government and narratives and will spend their lives in even smaller and more scripted information bubbles that will (and already do) filter out anything that can undermine the manufactured realities that are being fed through Facebook, Instagram and so forth.

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers, because of the nature of the information wars. Everything is complex. Although, practice results in consistently being able to recognize the patterns.

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